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Little Chomps Toddler Smock 8 months - 2+ years

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Messy Mealtime (Toddler) Smock, 8mths – 2+yrs
Enjoy more fun (and less washing!!) while your baby learns to feed themself with the original Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smock Bib.

The buttery-soft fabric is soft against babies’ skin and the secure press studs mean little fingers can’t pull it off.

The Messy Mealtime Smock Bib is designed to fit any highchair, pram, chair, car seat or even standing at an art easel.

Babies enjoy full access to their highchair tray to play, explore and hone their self-feeding/fine motor skills.

So much more cover than a silicone bib or a simple bib with sleeves! Perfect for baby led weaning, spoon feeding and art and craft!

Parents and bubs enjoy a quick transition from happy mealtime to happy playtime!

Recommended by paediatric dietitians and baby and toddler feeding experts, and a legion of happy parents around the world since 2014!


The Toddler Smock is ideal feeding smock for babies and toddlers in the 8mths to 2+ year age range, or those who are large-for-age.

The Starter Smock is perfect for babies starting their feeding journey (0-8+mths), or who are small-for-age.